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Do It Well

Posted on August 5, 2013 at 11:35 PM

This blog and website will reach its five year anniversary this month.    It is pretty amazing when I think about it.     Until 2013, I managed to do a blog entry several times a week (virtually every week); kept detailed planting calendars; posted pictures regularly; and frequently did “how to” pages on various topics.    I am sure you have noticed, however, that my passion and energy for the blog and site has been waning.    The garden is going great, in fact it is one of my best garden seasons ever, but I just cannot seem to get excited this year about coming in from the garden long enough to download pictures and draft blog posts – let alone post photo album pictures and general info pages.    I think it is just a function of having done it for too many years now and it feels repetitive and uninspired.    I know that there are always new readers arriving who find the information fresh and useful, but truly the pleasure of blogging resides with the writer – not the readers.    It’s an outlet for creativity and a personal space in the cyber world where others are invited in to share.    Done well it creates a place that draws people to it and brings satisfaction to the blogger. 


I have decided it is time to put The Modern Victory Garden site and blog to sleep.    I may very well take up another blog in the future (with a completely different focus) as I really do love to write, and maybe that too will be so fortunate as to have such a long life as this one has had.    For now though, I wish to merely focus on my own garden and the multitude of other projects and interests I have piled up in my life at the moment.    I am no longer filled with energy and passion for the site and anything worth doing … is worth doing well. 


It’s been wonderful.   





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