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Freezing Celery

Posted on July 17, 2009 at 6:18 PM

My daughter had all four of her wisdom teeth extracted this morning and I took the day off from work today so that I could care for her.   The oral surgery went well and she is resting reasonably comfortably (all things considered).   After we got home and I got her settled and resting, I went out to the garden and took care of a few things.                       


It has been a while since I reported on the peppers in the greenhouse.   They are all flowering and the Mini-Bell pepper plants have formed a numerous amount of fruits.   The Early Jalapeño peppers however, are just beginning to flower and will be many weeks behind the Mini-Bell peppers.   The peppers on the left side of the photo are the Mini-Bell peppers and the ones at the back and to the right are the Early Jalapeño peppers.           




On the floor of the greenhouse are the garlic (regular and elephant) and multiplier onions, which are currently drying down and curing.   I really need to get in there and pull those weeds that are growing around the containers!                   


Among other things, I harvested about 2 lbs of potatoes and close to 4 lbs of celery today.                




I wanted to show the following picture of them in the sink because Annie's Granny was lamenting on her blog that her kitchen seemed to have a lot of harvest gold in it - but since everything is in good shape it is unlikely she was going to do any remodeling in the near future.   Well AG, as you can see from this picture, my kitchen has lots of harvest gold too and some very dated/old fixtures!   Everything works just fine though, so I too will be just living with it for years to come.                     




The potatoes (combined with an onion from the garden, a couple of hardboiled eggs, some homemade dill pickle relish, mayo and a little mustard) will make a small potato salad to go with the grilled barbecue short ribs (thin cut/seasoned with a dry rub) for dinner tonight.  Unfortunately for my daughter, she will instead be enjoying some mashed potatoes for dinner because she is confined to soft foods for a day or so.                     


The celery was washed, trimmed, and then cut into slices and placed on a cookie sheet lined with a paper towel.                           




This went into the freezer.   Later, the frozen celery slices will be removed from the cookie sheet and put into a gallon zip lock freezer bag before before being returned to the freezer.   The 4 lbs of harvested celery yielded 1-½ pounds of sliced celery.    I still have many celery plants in the garden that we will continue to use for fresh eating in the months to come.   The frozen sliced celery will provide a winter supply for cooking needs. 


Going to keep this Friday update short, so that I can get back to caring for my patient.

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